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Airline Oxygen Travel Forms

Per the airlines, for those travelers that require oxygen for use during a flight or when traveling, the following forms are required before you are able to get on the plane.

Please check with the airline you are using for your flight for more information.

Below is a copy of the Airline Oxygen Authorization form for the following airlines:

When flying with medical equipment, the TSA will ask you to remove it from its case or bag and place it on the x-ray belt for inspection.

Below is the TSA Disability Notification Card that you can use to notifity TSA that you have a health condition, disability or medical device that may affect my screening.

I understand that presenting this card does not exempt me from screening. TSA respects the privacy concerns of all members of the traveling public. This card allows you to describe your health condition, disability or medical device to the TSA officer in a discreet manner.

Alternate procedures which provide an equivalent level of security screening are available and can be done in private.

Presenting this card does not exempt you from screening.